As you’re moving into your new home, or working on some upgrades, take a few moments to carefully consider the type of flooring you’re looking to install. One of the places that you may not have thought through or heavily considered is what type of flooring to put into the garage. At Floor Coverings International of Austin, we want to help make the flooring process as easy as possible. Here are some tips and recommendations to choose the best flooring for your home.

Keep in mind that your garage floor isn’t a delicate area. There will be lots of foot traffic, cars coming in and out and potentially knocking something over, items that fall and hit the ground, moisture, chemical spills, and more. This is important to remember as you choose a type of floor. Nine times out of ten, your garage will be built with concrete flooring. In general, you’ll find a couple of types of flooring options for your garage concrete floor. The typical and more popular choice is various types of coatings and coverings. These will do wonders in protecting the floor, while maintaining the look as well. Let’s review some of the more popular coatings and coverings.


Garage floor coatings are comprised of paint and epoxy. Epoxy is a type of material made from a class of synthetic thermosetting polymers that can form into an adhesive, plastic, or paint. Be sure to test the concrete for levels of moisture. Moist flooring won’t allow for the coating to stick. This option is a little time intensive as prep work prior to applying the coating because the floor needs to be 100% clean. That being said, the benefits are significant as once the coating is applied, if done correctly, are long lasting and durable. There are many options including concrete stains, concrete sealers, concrete floor paint, and more.


Slightly easier to install, and a little more affordable are various floor coverings to install over your concrete slab. The most popular, durable, and nice looking option that the crew at Floor Coverings International of Austin would recommend is interlocking floor tiles or snap together floor tiles. They’re made of thick plastic that can handle heavy loads and are easy to clean. You could also try flooring rollout mats. Both of these choices are very common, easy to install, and have a variety of patterns and colors to choose from.

Either option serves the purpose in protecting your garage floor from the harsh conditions it may have to withstand. If you’d like to discuss with an expert, get personalized recommendations, or have questions about the look you’re going for, give us at Floor Coverings International of Austin a call. Our flooring experts are here to make the installation of your floors a breeze and stress-free. If you have additional flooring questions for other locations in and around your house, we’re here to help with that too.