When moving into a new home, the list of projects that you may need to tackle can grow fairly quickly. It’s important to prioritize that list of projects to determine what’s most important and what’s most valuable for your home in the long run. One of the most valuable tasks you can take on, is updating your flooring. Our team at Floor Coverings International of Austin has put together some of the top flooring options for your new home to help make your decision a little simpler.


Typically, hardwood flooring is one of the most popular choices for not only value, but also for aesthetic purposes. They look great, are easy to clean, and have an even greater resale value. Hardwood flooring can be very durable, but are slightly more expensive than alternative choices. It requires a small amount of maintenance in the fact that you will need to reseal and/or refinish the flooring periodically.


Carpeting is another popular choice as it’s probably the most comfortable choice when it comes to flooring. It’s quiet, and a simple installation. Many families with small children prefer carpeting as lots of time is spent playing on the floor, however it can be a little bit of a challenge to clean. Carpet is most popular in rooms such as bedrooms or playrooms.


Tile flooring is another great option for flooring in your home as it’s extremely versatile and is less of an expense than the other choices we outlined. Tile is also very durable, easy to clean, and resistant to damage. Tile, however, can be a little louder than carpet and can crack if not properly maintained. Tile is an excellent choice for rooms that may frequent interactions with water such as a kitchen or bathroom.

For other questions on top flooring options for your new home, give our professionals at Floor Coverings International of Austin a call.