Carpet can be one of those things homeowners love and hate at the same time. While the plush feel of carpet is soothing and pleasing to the eye, carpet can also seem to cling on to dirt, dust, and stains fairly well. This makes it sometimes difficult to completely clean problem areas. Not to worry! The crew at Floor Coverings International of Austin has put together a few tips to help you conquer the most difficult of stains and issues when it comes time for you to clean your carpet.

Generally, we’d recommend not deep cleaning your carpet on a particularly humid day. The added moisture could sometimes result in mildew, which is a whole other issue you’d probably not like to deal with. Also, before you start tackling a problem area, vacuum as best as possible first. This will get rid of any loose debris and will help you avoid pushing dirt deeper into the carpet.

If you’re dealing with a pesky stain, always blot the stain rather than rubbing it in. Rubbing it in will only make the problem worse. Use a spotting solution and let the solution work its magic by letting it sit and soak for a while. After the recommended time, blot the stain with an old (clean) rag and vacuum the area. If the stain still remains, you may need to invest in extra strength cleaning solutions and try again.

If you’ve stumbled upon the awful instance of finding gum in your carpet, don’t panic. Don’t start picking at it as that could push the gum into the carpet creating a bigger problem. Freeze the gum with a couple ice cubes, and once the gum is frozen you should be able to slice the gum right off the carpet with a butter or similar type of knife. You may be able to pick it off as well. Either option works well.

If you have candles around your home, chances are the wax has dripped down and is in the carpet. This is a fairly common occurrence, but again, not to worry, we’ve got a trick. Heat the wax back up. We know this might sound crazy, but trust us. This allows the wax loosen back up, making it easier to manipulate. You can also slowly scrape it off the carpet with a knife and it should come right up.

If you’ve found some small blood spots on your carpet, try using hydrogen peroxide on the spots rather than your go-to carpet spot cleaner. The reaction of the peroxide with the blood makes it much easier to blot up.

Make a cleaning schedule and stick to it. Regular vacuuming and a shampoo every now and then, will do wonders to prolong the life of your carpet as well as making it easier to clean if spills or stains occur.

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