The experts at Floor Coverings International of Austin understand how important pets are to the families that own them. Several of us have pets of our own, and we would do anything to make our pets happy and keep them as part of our families.

When it comes time to install a new floor in your home, you may want to consider flooring that is compatible with your pets. From their clicking claws to the possibility of unwanted stains, pets can be a floor’s worst enemy. That is why we here at Floor Coverings International of Austin offer our list of the best flooring options for pet owners.


Vinyl floors are relatively new, but they are growing in popularity. Our customers love the relatively low price and significant durability that vinyl has to offer. This type of flooring would be able to withstand any type of abuse your pet may dish out, and it is a flooring material that will last for years in a home with pets.

While vinyl floors are durable, they also tend to be slightly softer than most other forms of flooring. The soft touch of vinyl helps to dampen the clicking sound that your pet’s claws make when they walk across the floor. When it comes to the right flooring for your pet, vinyl is a strong candidate.


Laminate flooring is extremely durable and can resist the kinds of casual scratching that pet claws can leave behind. Larger pets might cause some scratching damage to laminate, but much of that type of damage can be taken care of with a laminate repair kit.

The biggest difference between vinyl and laminate is that pet’s claws will be very audible as your pet walks across a laminate floor. The protective surface on laminate planks is very slick and hard, which means that your pet will make their presence known whenever they walk across a laminate floor.


As a rule, hardwood floors tend to be bad choices for people with pets. But certain hardwoods can withstand the punishment pets deliver, and some even excel at living side-by-side with animals.

Bamboo flooring is extremely durable, resists stains and can last for many years. The hard surface created by bamboo will not only look great in your home, but it will also resist any damage your pet could cause.

Ceramic Tile

Many types of tile flooring can be pet friendly, but ceramic tile tends to work the best. Real stone tile can stain easily, which could be a problem when pets are involved. But ceramic tile can resist scratching, and it cleans up easily without being stained. You can also use ceramic tile to create unique designs in your flooring that can enhance your decor. As a flooring option for homes with pets, ceramic tile is ideal.

We know how important your furry family members are, and that is why our experts are more than happy to recommend flooring options that will put up with the abuse pets can dish out. If you want to hear more about flooring options that can live comfortably with your pets, then give us a call and talk to one of our experts.

Photo Credit: fongleon356