austin luxury vinyl plank floor

Let’s say you’re on the market for new flooring. Maybe you want something that looks natural, but isn’t weighed down by a bigger price tag. You want comfort, yet durability. You want design options, versatility, and resilience to the elements.

Perhaps this sounds a bit unrealistic for one single floor, and the experts at Floor Coverings International Austin might agree with you if it weren’t for one thing: luxury vinyl planks!

This superb modern flooring material features everything mentioned above and then some. Investigate the possibilities for yourself with our handy overview of luxury vinyl planks for top-quality flooring in Round Rock homes.

Luxurious Looks

Featuring a photo-realistic print layer visible below the surface level, luxury vinyl plank floors are dead ringers for real wood floors. Any species of hardwood that you would like to recreate is doable with luxury vinyl planks. It doesn’t end at eye level, though — vinyl can be engineered to replicate the feel of real wood, whether you’d like it smooth, knotted, or distressed.

Durable and Comfy

Luxury vinyl planks are able to withstand a great deal of pressure, yet they are also mildly spongy, saving homeowners the painful hassle of sore feet and backs during cooking or cleaning sessions. Luxury vinyl planks don’t scratch easily due to their protective surface wear layers and reinforced backing.

austin luxury vinyl plank floor

Resilient and Versatile

Unlike the hardwood floors that they faithfully imitate, luxury vinyl plank floors are waterproof and resistant to insect damage. Water can cause hardwood all sorts of issues, such as expansion and warping, staining, mildew and rot, and more.

Luxury vinyl planks can be used anywhere in the home without climate concerns, even basements and bathrooms! With minimal care, your luxury vinyl plank floors will last you for years to come.

Luxury Vinyl Planks and More!

Whatever it is you’re looking for in a floor, Floor Coverings International Austin has you covered. We proudly provide and install excellent flooring for residents in Austin, Westlake, and surrounding areas. Contact us today and schedule a free in-home consultation with no obligation.

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