wood-look tile floors austinHardwood alternatives are growing in popularity amongst Austin homeowners, and wood-look tile is becoming the go-to choice for those seeking the hardwood look but with greater durability and easier maintenance. We have a large selection of wood-look tiles here at Floor Coverings International Austin, and we believe that they make a great addition to any home.

What Is It?

Wood-look tile, also called wood tile or tile planks, is most commonly made of ceramic or porcelain. Advanced inkjet technology is used to print realistic images of hardwood onto the tile. Not only do these tiles look like hardwood, but they are also given a wood grain texture so that they feel more like hardwood.

Why It’s Popular

One of the main reasons why wood-look tile is so popular is its durability. Hardwoods are favored in the home for their traditional and warm look, but are not suitable for all conditions. Tile can stand up to scratches, dents, and moisture much better than hardwood, making it the ideal alternative. With wood-look tile, you can have the coveted aesthetic of hardwood without worrying about damage. Cleaning these tiles is a breeze, as they don’t require a special cleaning product like hardwood does.


These floors are installed like regular tile, although special care must be taken to ensure that their placement mimics real hardwood. Choose your grout color wisely to better disguise the seams. Tiles can be placed to effectively disguise the grout, making them appear even more realistic. Planks come in a variety of sizes and are best installed by an experienced professional to ensure that the graining of the tiles matches up realistically.

The Tile Feel

One thing to remember about these tiles is that just because they look like hardwood doesn’t mean that they’ll feel like it. Wood is a more porous, forgiving material that usually feels warm and soft underfoot. Ceramic and porcelain tiles feel harder underfoot, making them less appealing in rooms where you’ll be standing a lot. They’ll also feel colder, although this could be an advantage during hot summer months.

Getting Started

Wood-look tiles allow you to achieve any variety of hardwood looks in rooms where it may be otherwise impossible. Call Floor Coverings International Austin today to schedule your free in-home design consultation! We proudly serve the greater Austin, Westlake areas.


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Photo Credit: Sevi Gadea