There is a unique beauty that natural stone tile brings to your home. Whether you use it for flooring, walls, or backsplashes, natural stone can make any space feel luxurious. There’s no arguing that it looks amazing, but what kind of durability does it have? Is it expensive? Will it work in my bathroom? These are common questions that the team at Floor Coverings International Austin receives from homeowners in the Austin, Westlake area. To help answer these questions, we’ve compiled a pros and cons guide to natural stone tile.


Let’s start with the positives.

  1. As mentioned, there is simply no matching natural stone tile in looks. Each tile is unique since they are quarried from the earth and not produced in a shop. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind statement floor, natural stone tiles would be a great match.
  2. They are also durable, easy to grip, and can hold up in areas with heavy foot traffic. Your stone tile floor will easily last you a lifetime and is an excellent investment for home resale value.
  3. These tiles are great for homes in Round Rock because they’ll stay cool in the hot summers and help regulate the AC in your house. Installing a radiant heat system is a good idea for winter though. That way your floors will always be the perfect temperature.

    Natural stone tile in Austin


With so many positives, why wouldn’t you choose natural stone tiles? They’re a great option for many households, but it’s important to consider that some of their pros are also their cons. 

  1. Stone tiles will last forever, but they are expensive. You’ll want to make sure the look of natural stone is one you will want to keep for a long time. Unlike hardwood floors, they can’t be restained if your taste changes.
  2. The hardness of the tile, which makes it so durable, can be dangerous for young children who tend to slip and fall. Stone tiles aren’t the most comfortable to land on and you may want to put area rugs out until your kids get older.
  3. Additionally, some styles will require sealants to make them fully waterproof.

Natural stone tiles are heavy and notoriously difficult to install. So make sure you hire a team of professionals to handle installation.

Are Natural Stone Tiles Right for Me?

If you think natural stone tile might be a good fit for your home, give our team at Floor Coverings International Austin a call to set up a free, personalized consultation. We are local to Round Rock and can help answer any flooring questions you may have.

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