Walnut hardwood flooring in AustinIf you are looking for a classic, rich hardwood floor, walnut is an excellent choice. However, it’s a good idea to consult an expert, like one of our team members at Floor Coverings International Austin, before purchasing any flooring for your Austin home. We can help you make sure that your hardwood floor will meet your needs and expectations. Here are some of the details to keep in mind about walnut hardwood:


Walnut flooring comes in either American walnut or Brazilian walnut options. American walnut is lighter in color, ranging from a lighter brown to a medium brown. Brazilian walnut is darker, ranging from medium brown to a dark, almost black color. Walnut generally has a smooth, flowing grain, in contrast to some other species that have more distinctive knots and swirls.


Walnut flooring ranges in price depending on factors like the quality and finish of the product. However, walnut hardwood flooring will likely be more expensive than oak or maple. This is because walnut takes a lot of time to grow, so it tends to be in short supply and high demand.

Are Walnut Floors Right for You?

Walnut hardwood floors are very resilient, and you can have them refinished to remove dings and scratches from use. These floors also have long lifespans and have a classic look and feel to them. Selecting a trendy color of hardwood may seem ideal now, but if the color goes out in a few years, it can date your home. Selecting a classic color schemes helps ensure your floors never look old or dated.

When you are in the market for wood flooring in the greater Austin area, turn to Floor Coverings International Austin. We can help you select the right type of wood flooring, whether it be walnut or another type. Schedule a free consultation today.

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