If you’re seeking hardwood with personality and flair, distressed hardwood could be perfect! Austin homeowners love the rustic, laid-back, and historic personality distressed hardwood offers. Using a variety of methods, distressed hardwood is given an intentionally aged, distressed, or hand-crafted appearance. The method used will affect the end result greatly, so choose wisely!


Hand-scraping is a traditional method of smoothing out hardwood planks, resulting in unique and subtle differences between every plank. These days, hand-scraped hardwood can be crafted by hand or by machine. This method of distressing hardwood brings out exceptional details in color and grain pattern. As hand-scraping was once the most common method of smoothing out hardwood, it also provides history and character.

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Wire-brushing is a subtler method of distressing hardwood. Wire-brushed hardwood is relatively smooth, with unique variations in texture and appearance. The wire-brushing method exposes more of the unique grain patterns and color variations found naturally.


Staining your hardwood floors with a darker color is an excellent way to enhance the distressed effect. The stain will naturally concentrate in grooves, dents, and scrapes. For an optimal effect, the stain can be applied and wiped away almost immediately. This gives your wood floors the look of natural wear-and-tear from foot traffic.

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Reclaimed Wood Floors

Reclaimed wood flooring offers all the visual appeal of distressed hardwood, but it’s all-natural. Reclaimed wood is old wood repurposed as flooring, and it bears all the marks of a unique and intriguing history. Natural scuff marks, dents, scratches, and wear-and-tear are present in these distinct wood floors.

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