Choose Floor Coverings International for all your oak flooring needs in the greater Austin area. Oak flooring is a very popular hardwood flooring species, and the most common types are white oak and red oak. We know the span of choices when it comes to hardwood species can be somewhat overwhelming, so we are available to our customers in the area for no-obligation, in-home estimates.

Our flooring team has experience in the products and installation of all hardwood flooring species, including oak flooring. We are prepared to assist you in choosing from the appropriate oak samples, offer style tips, and perform a professional, efficient installation of your new floors.





Advantages & Disadvantages

The primary benefits of oak flooring are that it is highly durable, easily refinished, and a traditional style. Oak flooring has been used in homes for centuries, and it is known for its characteristic grain pattern. This pattern offers a classic, rustic look that has remained one of the most popular styles for many years. Additionally, oak flooring comes with a long life cycle, because it can be refinished and re-sanded several times without losing quality. This way you can refresh your floors multiple times if they start to look dull or worn. Oak flooring isn’t the most durable hardwood species out there, but it is sturdier than some other species, and definitely sturdier than other flooring types.

However, oak flooring does come with a few drawbacks. If oak is exposed to too much sunlight or heat, it can become bleached or faded. This discoloration can be avoided, though, if you make sure that your oak flooring well-sealed and if you take care to shut your windows or blinds when the sun is most powerful. Oak flooring can also be susceptible to spills and stains, especially if they are oil-based.

We have access to a wide array of colors and styles of oak flooring, so you’ll surely find a product that suits your needs and personal aesthetic. Because we are partnered with nationally-recognized flooring manufacturers, we are able to offer the best brands and top-quality products at budget-friendly prices.



A Note From Our Owner

“Oak flooring is an excellent choice for you if you are looking for a traditional style, longevity, and a high level of durability. Call the experts at FCI Austin today to explore our huge selection of oak flooring products.” – Rene Salazar, Owner