Floor Coverings International is the one-stop shop for frieze carpet in Austin and the surrounding area. Frieze carpet is composed of twisted carpet fibers woven against sturdy backing. This twisted construction sets frieze carpet apart from other carpet weaves; if you are interested in having frieze carpet installed in your home or office, our design associates are available to show samples and offer décor guidance with our free, in-home consultations.

Here at FCI Austin, we know it can be somewhat overwhelming with so many carpet weaves and styles to choose from. That’s why we make it our business to stay informed and knowledgeable about all types of carpeting, and where they fit best in both homes and commercial spaces.



Advantages & Disadvantages

The main benefit of frieze carpet is that it is sturdy yet soft. Frieze carpet has one of the densest carpet weaves, so it will feel very cushy and comfortable underfoot. Plus, its density and softness means it will muffle sound for a more peaceful atmosphere. The twisted loops in frieze carpet also allow it to bounce back to its original form, even after experiencing heavy foot traffic. Additionally, frieze carpet is stain-resistant and relatively low maintenance and upkeep.

However, frieze carpet’s unique construction somewhat limits your style choices. Because of its twisted fibers, frieze carpet can’t be dyed with any intricate patterns or prints, so you are limited to basic colors or the simplest patterns. Also, frieze carpet is usually more expensive than other carpet types.

Our partnerships with premier manufacturers allow us to offer the best brands and highest quality frieze carpet products at budget-friendly prices. We have access to a wide range of colors, from dark dramatic shades to classic neutrals.



A Note From Our Owner

“Frieze carpet is incredibly comfortable, not to mention it is uniquely resilient and tough. If you are looking for a carpet that can handle heavy foot traffic but will still feel cozy underfoot, then frieze carpet is an excellent choice for you!”– Rene Salazar, Owner