Floor Coverings International is your local expert on Berber carpet in the greater Austin, Westlake area. Berber carpet is one of the denser carpet weaves, and it has a mixture of large and small tufts. Berber is also characterized by its pattern – usually, you can tell Berber carpet apart because it features dark specks patterned over a light background.

We know that choosing a type of carpet can be overwhelming, with so many styles and weave densities and varying levels of softness out there. Here at FCI Austin, our flooring specialists are trained in all types of carpet, so we are ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Berber Carpet Background

The term “Berber” is often used loosely in the modern flooring industry. The name refers to a specific style of carpet weave that involves affixing both sides of each fiber to the carpet’s back, creating a tight loop. This style of carpet weaving originated in North Africa, where it was used to make rugs and cloaks in addition to carpets. The tight loops made it more durable, not to mention warm. Traditionally, Berber carpet was made of wool. This is still the best material available, but today you can also find Berber carpets made from synthetic materials like olefin, polyester and nylon.

The Pros & Cons of Berber

Our customers have found that the main advantages of Berber carpet are its durability, stain resistance, and its comfort level. No matter what variety of Berber carpet you have, it will be resistant to absorbing spills. The flecked pattern of Berber carpet can come in many different colors that help to hide small stains and imperfections. The flecked design is also a versatile choice that can adapt to any style of interior decorating. Most varieties of Berber carpet are also very cost-effective, making it a very popular option.

On the other hand, it’s unwise to have Berber carpet installed if you own cats. Cats are often tempted to use the loops of Berber carpet as their own horizontal scratching post. When one loops of Berber carpet are pulled, they can cause widespread unraveling. Also, in the rare event that Berber carpet does absorb a large spill, stains can be tough to clean because of Berber’s tightly-looped construction.

Our Advantage

Because we have partnerships with top manufacturers like Armstrong and Shaw, we are able to offer our customers all of the top brands and most popular styles of Berber carpeting at great prices. Give us a call at FCI Austin today to explore our styles, weaves, and patterns of Berber carpet. We are proud to service the Austin, Westlake area



A Note From Our Owner

“If you are looking for a reliable, versatile carpet for your home or office, choose Berber carpet from the professionals at FCI Austin.” – Rene Salazar, Owner

Top Photo Credit: Anne Kitzman