Are you asking yourself, “How will I ever choose the right flooring for my new bathroom?” We understand that overwhelming feeling that comes with choosing the right flooring. Not to worry! Our experts at Floor Coverings International of Austin are here to help. That’s why we’ve put together a few pro tips and suggestions to help you choose the right flooring for your bathroom.

Ceramic Tile

The most popular choice for bathroom flooring is ceramic tile, for many good reasons. The ceramic tile that is designed specifically for floors rather than walls is designed with a little more texture and surface area than others to help prevent slippage and damage. Additionally, it’s a clay-based material to reinforce the durability. It’s also very versatile and comes in many different colors and patterns to help bring your design dreams to life. It can get a little cool, so keep that in mind as you compare other bathroom flooring options.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are another popular option for bathroom flooring. Hardwood flooring is usually finished with sealants that are designed specifically to fight off moisture, which is appealing for bathrooms with showers and bathtubs. However, hardwood flooring poses many potential issues to have in the bathroom. With combined with moisture, wood swells, and regardless of how great of a sealant is applied is nearly impossible to prevent. A great alternative is installing a faux hardwood made of vinyl. It’s durable, easily cleaned, and looks almost identical to the real thing.

Heated Flooring

Although this isn’t necessarily a type of flooring material, this is something our crew here in Austin would highly recommend an investment and upgrade like this. Heated floors are becoming one of the most popular bathroom renovation as it alleviates one of the only negatives associated with ceramic tile flooring in the bathroom: the floor getting cold in the morning. Stepping out of the shower or walking to brush your teeth in the morning doesn’t have to be as painful with the addition of heated floors in your bathroom.


Contrary to some, carpet in the bathroom still occurs. There are carpeting options specifically made to be water and stain resistant with backing that does not allow water to seep through. Most of the time carpeting is only installed in certain areas of the bathroom, not the whole bathroom. For example, you may want carpeting near a vanity or in a separate toilet room. If this is something you’re interested in, rest assured, that options are available.

As your flooring experts here in Austin, our crew at Floor Coverings International of Austin is your go-to for all things flooring. While we covered the most popular options in bathroom flooring, ceramic tile is the clear winner if you couldn’t tell, we’re sure you still may have questions. Be sure to give our experts and us a call to discuss any of your flooring questions or to schedule your in-home consultation. We’re always happy and ready to help with your next project!