At Floor Coverings International of Austin, our goal is to be your go-to for any and all of your flooring needs. That means keeping you up to date with the latest trends and styles so that when it comes time for you to choose your next type of flooring, you’ll be fully prepared and educated on your choice. Check out some of the latest trends in tile styles below.

Faux Wood Tile

Wood tile is extremely popular, and has been for a while. However, each tile keeps getting a little more creative when produced. Wood tile created in various patterns is one of those instances. Another is the use of reclaimed wooden tiles. This is a fan favorite and helps create a rustic, modern look in any home. Additionally, cross grain has become a popular trend with wood tiles. Lots of wood shows the grain, but many producers are highlighting the grain in creative ways. Wood tile continues to be a popular, beautiful choice when it comes to tile around your home.

Brick Style Tile

The brick look of tile is another really popular trend. This is much easier to maintain that actual brick, but you’ll get almost the same look and feel as if you installed brick into your home. This is a lofty style look that typically is for walls, but is becoming more popular tile for the floor also. Painted brick tiles are becoming popular as well as the red classic look is taking the backburner to white brick or other colors. Brick tile is a look that is here to stay for years and years to come, as it’s versatile, rustic, and unique.

Marble Tile

Next on our list for popular tiles this year, are marble tiles. This is another classic look with a high-end feel. This is on the more expensive side of tiling, but it’s durable, elegant, and lovely in a modern style of a home. The classic white and grey marble look will continue to be a popular trend. There are also copycat styles of tile disguised as marble such as porcelain or other laminate tiles. These styles are slightly less durable, but cost less and are becoming an extremely popular solution for those who desire the marble look, but don’t quite have the financial ability to do so.

Tile on the Wall

Contrary to popular belief, tiles aren’t just for the floor. Tiles are beginning to serve not only as a backsplash in kitchens, but they’re starting to replace wallpaper and even paint on homeowner’s walls. Specifically, metallic or flashy designs of tiles are being incorporated into the design of the room to enhance the design, bring light into the room, and even serve as a featured area of a wall.

There are lots of other trends that we’re keeping our eyes on so that the experts at Floor Coverings International of Austin know how to help you choose a design to the best of our abilities. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’d like to learn more about common tile trends and if you’d like to discuss installing them as well!