Since they are versatile and reasonably priced, it’s no wonder that laminate is rising in popularity as a good material for flooring. Not all laminate floors are the same, however, so it’s important to choose one that best meets your needs and preferences. Floor Coverings International Austin shares the features of our Armstrong Laminate floors.



Our laminate flooring is composed of four different layers. The wear layer is the clear top layer protecting your floor from stains and fading. The design layer is a photographic image of either wood, stone, ceramic, or brick. This means that you can enjoy the beauty of wood with the wonderful benefits of laminate. Our HydraCore™ inner core is an excellent moisture resistant High-Density Fiberboard that provides stability, sound absorption, and durability. Lastly, the backing protects the floor from warping by creating a moisture barrier. This unique layered construction makes our floors highly durable. Additionally, our laminate floors require very little maintenance to retain their beauty and condition.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aside from its superb performance, Armstrong floors offer color variations, a distinctive grain, and authentic texture. They capture the beauty and design of natural hardwood, ceramic, and stone without the expensive costs. They also feature an embossing in register (EIR) technique  that helps create a grain consistent with the image on the laminate board. This intensifies the depth and texture of your floor and accentuates its design.


Armstrong Laminate floors are protected by a warranty that ranges from 20 years to a lifetime, depending on the type you choose. The great thing is, even without this guarantee, laminate is resistant to scratches, stains, and indentations, meaning you can enjoy their wonderful benefits for years.

Floor Coverings International Austin can expertly install an Armstrong Laminate floor on your home. Fill out our contact form or call us at (512) 335-8310 to learn more about our laminate floors or to get one for your home. We’ll even offer a free estimate.