Are you planning on updating the flooring in your bathroom? While tile is a great bathroom flooring staple, we know many homeowners are looking for a twist on the classic. If you are tired of tile, our experts at Floor Coverings International Austin have broken down the best water-resistant flooring styles for your Austin home. Keep on reading to find out our favorite bathroom tile alternatives!

Luxury Vinyl

With its extreme versatility, luxury vinyl flooring is an excellent bathroom tile alternative. Vinyl has advanced leagues in the last twenty years, with modern vinyl flooring offering improved durability and a detailed, versatile print layer. At Floor Coverings International Austin we offer many styles of vinyl, from faux hardwood to faux natural stone tile.

Besides being a budget-friendly flooring option, when correctly installed, luxury vinyl plank flooring is completely waterproof. As a result, it is an amazing option for your Austin bathroom. If you are tired of tile, luxury vinyl is perfect for your home.

vinyl bathroom floor austin


Do you love the look of hardwood floors? Laminate flooring is the most realistic hardwood flooring alternative. While it is not as water-resistant as luxury vinyl, it works better in bathrooms than traditional hardwood. For an incredibly realistic version, opt for hand-scraped laminate in your Austin bathroom.

Our experts can help you pick out a style of laminate that is perfectly matched to the aesthetic of your home. Besides being beautiful, your laminate bathroom floor will be easy to maintain. Simply regularly sweep the floor to keep it looking stunning.

laminate bathroom floor austin

Natural Stone

Although it is technically a type of tile, natural stone can give your bathroom an elevated look. Each tile is unique and will give your bathroom a tailored personality. Marble tile will make your bathroom feel like a spa, while slate will add a rustic feel. We can help you pick the best style for your home.

Natural stone tile is extremely long-lasting and durable. Some natural stone is more susceptible to water damage, such as sandstone, but all natural stone options can easily be treated to improve their resistance to water. While there may be a higher initial cost, the stone will last for decades, making it a great investment. If you want to add a layer of luxury to your bathroom, natural stone is the way to go.

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