42-16010690.JPGIs your interior design getting stale? Over time, we may tire of looking at the same colors, the same patterns, and the same décor we’ve chosen for a given room. Here are some ways to spruce up your home this spring from Floor Coverings International of Austin!

New Paint on the Walls

Getting a fresh coat of paint on the walls is an inexpensive way to add some new pizazz to any room. Maybe you want a bright, yellow kitchen, or you want to redo your bathroom with sea foam green. Whatever color you wish to add to your home, painting the walls is a great way to do it! This is a project you can usually tackle yourself, too!

New Furniture

We love to get attached to our furniture. Many dads have their favorite recliner or we hold on to that coffee table we’ve had since college. A great way to add some new energy to a room is by adding a new furniture piece. You’ll be amazed how a new couch makes your living room a whole new place!

New Blankets and Pillows

Sometimes even changing the more subtle parts of a room can help refresh your home. Getting some fun patterned throw pillows or some new linens and blankets can help. A new comforter in the bedroom is a great idea, a new shower curtain, or even new curtains throughout the home!

New Flooring

Here at Floor Coverings International we know how flooring can turn a room around for the better. We love hauling away the old flooring and leaving you with fresh, new tile, hardwood, or new carpeting. Take an inventory of your home. Maybe there are some rooms that could use some new flooring! Whether you need vinyl, laminate, hardwoods, carpets, or tile, we’ve got you covered!

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