Ipe hardwood flooring in AustinWhen it comes to hardwoods, not all species are going to make good flooring material. Typically, exotic hardwoods are stronger, which is why they come at a premium. However, there are also common domestic hardwoods that can stand up heavy foot traffic and many years of use. The Floor Coverings International Austin team can help you choose from these hardwood floor styles for your home.

What are the most durable species of wood that can be used as hardwood floors? Check out the following options for your next flooring upgrade in Austin.

The Hardest Exotic Hardwood Floors

  • Brazilian Walnut (Ipe) – Brazilian walnut, also known as ipe, is one of the hardest woods in the world, making it perfect for high-traffic areas. It scores a 3,510 on the Janka hardness scale, which means it’s incredibly resistant to damage like dents and scratches. Most hardwoods aren’t ideal for outdoor areas, but Brazilian walnut is so strong that it would be fine on your deck or screened porch! Ipe is known for its rich dark hues that range from dark brown to olive green.
  • Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) – Another beauty from Brazil, this deep red wood scores a hefty 2,820 on the Janka scale. It’s almost three times as strong as American cherry. This exotic wood is highly sought after for its gorgeous natural red color and interlocked grains.

The Hardest Domestic Hardwood Floors

  • Honey Mesquite – This sturdy species comes from America’s southwest. Just like its namesake, it is a reddish brown that continues to darken as it matures. In spite of its hardness (it scores a 2,340), honey mesquite is relatively easy to work with.
  • Shagbark Hickory – This species hails from the eastern United States and scores a solid 1880 on the Janka scale. Hickory is a beautiful light brown that takes on stains and finishes well. It resembles white oak but has more delicate and straight grains.

To find out more about other durable hardwoods for your next flooring renovation, contact Floor Coverings International Austin. We proudly serve homeowners in the greater Austin area.

Photo Credit: Holbox