At Floor Coverings International of Austin, we are interested in helping our customers to preserve their new laminate floors for a very long time. Laminate is an inexpensive but durable flooring option that can look like a variety of other expensive types of flooring. To help you do your part in preserving your floor, Floor Coverings International of Austin offers these handy tips for laminate maintenance.

Avoid Using Too Much Water

People who wet clean their laminate floors on a regular basis will find their floors decaying over time. The top layer of laminate flooring is durable and resistant to liquids, but the underside of a laminate flooring plank can be severely damaged when exposed to moisture.

Spot-cleaning stains by using a solution approved for laminate floors applied with a spray bottle is the best way to keep your laminate floor free from blemishes. You can use a microfiber dry mop or a soft-bristled broom for regular cleanings, and limit the wet cleanings to no more than once each month.

Be Gentle on Your Laminate Floor

Laminate is a very durable flooring material, but it can also retain scratches and indentations if it is not treated properly. Always lift furniture when moving it on a laminate floor, and place furniture on padded floor coasters to prevent scratching from regular use.

If you need to remove a substance such as wax or chewing gum from your laminate floor, the first step is to apply ice to the substance to harden it. Once the ice does its job, then use a plastic credit card or inexpensive plastic putty knife to remove the debris. Avoid using metal or rough cleaning methods (such as steel wool) when dealing with your laminate floor.

Avoid Buffing or Polishing Machines

One of the aspects of laminate floors that we like to point out to our customers is that laminate floors do not require buffing or polishing to bring back their original shine. In reality, using buffing or polishing machines on a laminate floor will damage the floor irreparably. To bring back that showroom shine, you just need to use a cleaning solution designed for laminate floors and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions for application.

Clean According to Where You Live

If you live near beaches or areas with a lot of sand, then sweeping your laminate floor more often is recommended. You do not want to allow grains of sand to get embedded between the seams in your laminate planks, and start eating away at the soft cushioning found under the hard surface.

People who live in areas where it can snow or rain frequently should have entrance mats placed at their exterior doors to prevent moisture, sidewalk salt and other debris from getting into their floor. To preserve your laminate floor, you have to adjust your cleaning habits to match where you live.

If you have always wanted a hardwood floor but the cost was out of your budget, then talk to us about a laminate floor. The right kind of laminate floor from Floor Coverings International of Austin can go a long way towards enhancing the internal decor of your home or office.

Photo Credit: Gary Glaser