We at Floor Coverings International of Austin appreciate the beauty of a natural hardwood floor. The swirling designs created by the natural grain of the wood and the rich color of the wood itself can create an effect that is hard to beat.

With the help of the experts at Floor Coverings International of Austin, you can choose from a wide variety of hardwood floor options that can bring out the best in any room. Once your floor is installed, we have some tips you can follow that will help you keep your floor looking great for many years to come.

Clip Those Pet Claws

Our years of experience have taught us just how sensitive certain types of hardwoods can be to any kind of sharp objects. While there are plenty of hardwoods that can withstand a little abuse, most are softer woods that will show almost any kind of wear and tear.

If you have pets, then you might be used to the clicking noise claws make when your pets are walking on a hardwood floor. The problem is that you are also hearing the sound of little marks being made in your floor that may require your floor to be refinished to get rid of them. Keep your pet’s claws trimmed to prevent damage to your hardwood floors, and save money on unnecessary floor maintenance work.

Buy A Humidifier For The Colder Months

Cold weather tends to make the air dry, and that can have a damaging effect on your real hardwood floors. To protect your floors from the dry air during the winter, you should invest in a humidifier to help keep the air in your home moist.

Invest In Some Slippers For Everyone

If pet claws can put pock marks in your hardwood floor, then imagine what high heeled shoes could do. Avoid wearing footwear with sharp or hard soles while walking on your hardwood floors. Instead, use the situation as an opportunity to insist that everyone wear comfortable slippers when walking in your house to prevent damage.

Wet Clean Only With Approved Materials

Water, vinegar and soap are all going to damage the finish of your hardwood floor if you use them as cleaning agents. To get the best results, you should only use wet cleaning agents that are designed for hardwood floors. To avoid scratching or damaging your floors while wet cleaning, you should use a soft mop that does not have any hard cleaning edges to it.

Sanding And Refinishing Your Floor

Over the years, your real hardwood floor is going to take abuse and eventually require a deep cleaning to bring back its shine. We recommend that you have our technicians come in once every three to five years to sand and resurface your floors.

We will use a light grade sandpaper to get only the top layer of color and sealant off of your floor, while also removing all of the scratches and imperfections. Once the top layers are removed, we will stain your floor with the color of your choice and put down a new coat of sealant.

When a hardwood floor is cared for properly, it can last for a very long time. A homeowner with a real hardwood floor should use proper routine cleaning methods to keep their floor looking great, and bring in professionals once a year to give the floor the proper maintenance it needs.

Photo Credit: Chubykin Arkady