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If you’re a dog lover with one or more four-legged friend, you know how hard it can be to stop them from damaging hardwood floors. Whether they’re digging into the ground to slow down as they run to greet you in the entryway or playing a rambunctious round of tug-of-war with your child in the living room, accidental scratches can happen. At Floor Coverings International in Austin, TX., we’ve put together an easy list of dos and don’ts to get you started on ensuring your hardwoods continue to look beautiful, no matter how many pets you take in.

DO cover high-traffic dog areas with area rugs. This can be great for main hallways and the living room.

DON’T let your dog track in dirt. This can cause worse scratches if they scrape small rocks into the floor. Avoid this by placing a durable mat under your pet door.

DO trim and file your dog’s nails regularly. There are tools you purchase to do this on your own. Pet groomers are also happy to do this for you. Be careful, if a dog’s nails are cut too short it can cause them a lot of pain, so make sure to cut them correctly. Ask a groomer or veterinarian if you need help.

DON’T write off dog booties as silly. Though some dogs take a while to adjust to these soft shoes, they’re a great way to protect floors. Most are made with leather soles so they give your pup some traction and can even be worn outdoors.

DO train your dog not to enter rooms with hardwood floors that they don’t need to be in. This can be a good idea for dining rooms and other special occasion spaces.

DON’T get angry at your dog if they accidentally scratch the floor. Remember that they don’t know what they’re doing wrong, and trying to punish them for it will be confusing.

We hope these tips from the experts at Austin’s Floor Coverings International will help you avoid any unseemly pet scratches on your fine hardwood floors!

Photo Credit: Claire McAdams