There are a lot of affordable flooring options on the market today. As a homeowner, the prospect of sorting through all of them and finding a durable, beautiful and cost-effective option can seem daunting. That’s where we come in at Floor Coverings International Austin. We love making flooring decisions easy for our customers. Today, we want to tell you a bit about one of our favorite styles of affordable flooring: vinyl plank.


Hardwood Without the Cost

People are often amazed how effectively vinyl plank can imitate other styles of flooring. The modern printing and texturizing process that each plank undergoes gives it an authentic look and feel of hardwood. You can choose from a huge range of styles, from classic ones that look like American cherry, or modern styles with a grey finish. When installed properly, you can hardly tell it’s not hardwood!


Easy Installation

Most vinyl plank can be installed as a floating floor. This means it can be placed on top of an existing floor or subfloor in many cases. The pieces come prefinished, so once they’re on your floor, they’re ready to be walked on. You often only need an install team for a few hours to put the flooring together. Plus, minimal tools are required because the pieces are made to clip together. Though many people do install these floors on their own, if you want to ensure that each piece is connected snugly investing in an installation team can be a wise choice. The tighter the pieces are fit together, the more like real hardwood your floor with look!


Incredible Durability

Vinyl plank is much more durable on its surface than hardwood. You can find many styles that are completely waterproof. The planks are each prefinished with coatings that are meant to resist scratches, even for years in the future. Vinyl plank is also very easy to clean. You can use a wide range of mild cleaners, and you don’t have to be afraid of using water like you should with hardwood.


Do keep in mind that unlike hardwood, vinyl plank cannot be refinished. If a piece becomes damaged, you will need to replace it. Luckily, if you keep a few pieces around the house, this shouldn’t be a difficult project to take on.


Are you interested in vinyl plank flooring? Give us a call at Floor Coverings International Austin. We can bring samples to you and offer our advice on the best style for your home.


Photo Credit: Valentina Razumova