blue glass tile shower, floor coverings international austinInstalling quality tile flooring or backsplash can be a beautiful and fun way to add some luxury and personality to your Round Rock home or business! The huge variety of different tile sizes, shapes, materials, and colors makes it easy to create a custom look to perfectly suit your space. Keep reading to learn more about three creative tile trends from the design experts at Floor Coverings International Austin!

Playing with Color and Pattern

While the simplicity of the basic white tile remains a classic choice for good reason, there’s no reason to limit yourself if you long to go bold! There’s a nearly endless array of different tile colors and patterns for you to choose from depending on your style. Jewel tone ceramics, high quality terracotta, and natural stone options like slate, marble, and travertine are all popular choices for creating a striking look. In addition to the tile color, you can also play with using different color grouts to create a truly unique effect.

diagonal tile, floor coverings international austinMoving Away from the Horizontal

Simply orientating your tile layout off of the horizontal axis can dramatically increase the visual interest of a space. For example, if you love the clean lines of subway tile, but want to change things up, try arranging them in a way that emphasizes the vertical line. Playing with tile layout can really inject some personality into a room. It can also help you manipulate visual space to make a room feel larger — such as by laying your tiles on the diagonal to cause the eye to stay engaged and follow longer lines.

hexagon tile, floor coverings international austinGeometric Diversity

A growing number of people are thinking outside the box and embracing the hexagon tile shape so popular in vintage floors. Triangular tiles or custom shapes like scallops are also becoming more prevalent. One reason non-quadrilateral tile shapes are gaining a following is because they really open up your options in terms of layout and make it easy to create diagonal lines or imaginative patterns in your floor or backsplash.

If you’re interested in using tiles in your next project, contact the experts Floor Coverings International Austin to schedule a free appointment. We serve the Austin, Westlake areas and will come out with samples for an in-home design consultation so you can see what choices looks best in your space!

Photo Credits (in order): ArtazumEnrika SamulionyteDavid Papazian.