One of the greatest joys in life is celebrating a growing family with a newborn baby! If you’re in this position, or are planning to be soon, you may want to consider some of these recommended flooring options for families with newborns. Our professionals at Floor Coverings International of Austin are here to help. Check out our recommendations below!


Carpet is one of the top choices for families with small children as the material is soft, comfortable, and durable. Many families cannot even imagine a nursery or baby room without carpeting. One of the only drawbacks of carpeting is that it takes a little bit longer to clean when compared with hardwood flooring. Carpet is a safer choice when it comes to newborns, especially if you are able to install extra soft padding and anti-allergenic materials on top and underneath the carpeting.


Cork flooring is another excellent choice if you want to avoid carpeting. There are lots of various types of cork flooring also including anti-allergenic materials. It’s a little bit more padded than your typical hardwood flooring, making cork a comfortable flooring choice.


Laminate flooring is another good choice for a newborn’s room. It’s fairly easy to install, is softer than hardwoods, and is easy to clean. It’s durable and fairly scratch resistant which is an important need for many families with young children. While this may not be the most popular choice for a nursery, laminate floorings are a popular choice for playrooms.

While there are a numerous amount of flooring choices that could be appropriate for your home, give us a call to discuss more about best options for your newborns room. We have thousands of flooring options that we can install and help you with. Our professionals here at Handyman Connection of Austin are always happy to help.