When the flooring experts at Floor Coverings International of Austin install a vinyl floor for a customer who has never had a vinyl floor before, we offer practical advice for taking care of their new floor. It is important for customers to remember that each type of flooring material has its own maintenance instructions, and following those precise instructions is important to retaining the beauty of your floor. If you are not careful, then you could actually damage your vinyl flooring by not caring for it properly.

Use The Right Supplies

Most of the newer vinyl floors use a no-wax material that is easy enough to maintain, but must be cleaned using the right type of solution. Using a cleaner designed for wax floors when you have a no-wax floor can create build-up and give you less-than-desirable results. By the same token, cleaning a vinyl floor that requires wax with a no-wax cleaner is going to leave your floor dull and unprotected. Be sure to use the right kind of cleaner for your vinyl floor to get the best results.

Avoid “Mop-And-Shine” Products

Many manufacturers have floor cleaning products designed to give a “mop-and-shine” look that can give you a sparkling floor in one step. It is important that you do not use these types of cleaners on your vinyl floor because they will leave a layer of film that will be extremely difficult to remove.

Use A Two-Stage Cleaning Process

Before you do a wet cleaning of your vinyl floor, you should sweep or dry mop thoroughly. Dirt and debris that is moved around by the wet cleaning process can leave indentations and marks in your vinyl floor, which is why it must be removed before a wet cleaning. If you have a vinyl floor that requires waxing, then you will trap any debris that is not removed between the floor and your new wax, which can cause noticeable damage.

Be Gentle With Your Floor

If you vacuum your vinyl floor to remove debris, then do not use the beater bar attachment. When you choose a mop or brush for your floor, always choose one with soft bristles. Vinyl flooring is very susceptible to the type of damage that can be caused by rough cleaning methods. By choosing gentle cleaning equipment, you can avoid leaving scuff marks and grooves that cannot be removed.

Use An Entrance Mat To Prevent Damage

If your vinyl floor is in a room that has an exterior door, then be sure to place an entrance mat in front of the door to catch any debris that could cause damage. Anyone who is preparing to walk on your vinyl floor should remove their boots or shoes to prevent leaving permanent marks behind.

We always recommend that you call us at Floor Coverings International of Austin if you have any questions about caring for your vinyl flooring. Our experts will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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