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Floor Coverings International® of Austin has a little secret for Austin homeowners. If you own tile flooring, a key component in your maintenance routine is not the tiles themselves, but the grout!

Cleaning your tiles is important too, but if you really want that floor to shine over time, you’ll want to pay special attention to the background substance holding it all together. Grout is porous and vulnerable to staining of various kinds, so follow these tips to keep your tile floors and backsplashes like new.

Stain Sources and Prevention

With kitchen tile flooring, the grout suffers a majority of its stains from food and spills. On the other hand, in the bathroom, you’re looking at problem substances like soap scum, mold, and mildew.

Grout can dirty quite quickly, darkening with accumulated stains that breach its porous structure. Left untended too long, cleaning this can become pretty problematic!

When your tile surfaces are new, be sure to apply a grout sealer. You can annually re-apply grout sealer for long term preservation of your tiles, but check them about every six months to determine whether the sealer is wearing down.

The Scrub

To begin cleaning grout, scrub the surface with hot water and a cloth to remove surface grime and similar undesirables. After this, apply a mild grout-cleaning solution and let it sit for about five minutes. Doing this will loosen up more difficult grime layers, so don’t skip it!

Finally, it’s time to whip out the toothbrush and get to scrubbing. Soap and water beneath a toothbrush will help to remove stubborn stains in your grout, but for the toughest stains, you can carefully use sandpaper between the tiles. If you try this, be sure not to scratch up your tiles in the process.

austin grout tile cleaning

Finish up by rinsing everything in hot water, and let your grout air dry for twenty-four hours. After that, pop on a new coat of sealant and this year’s grout session is complete!

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