tile bathroom

When it’s time to remodel your bathroom, there are a lot of questions to consider. Depending on the materials you choose to work with and the complexity of the space, you could be facing a lengthy project. At Floor Coverings International® of Austin, our expertise goes beyond flooring installations. We also often work on bathroom remodels in the Greater Austin Area area. This has given us a lot of experience with the common challenges homeowners face when they decide to redo their bathroom. Be sure to check out our essential tips below that will help ensure a smooth and speedy project.


Take Stock of Your Surroundings

Before you embark on a big project, it’s always important to consider your lifestyle and the space itself. Here are a few important questions that you should ask about your bathroom:


Is there another bathroom in your home?

A remodel can put your bathroom out of commission for days or even weeks. If you only have one shower or bathroom in your home, make sure to factor that into your plans.


How big is the room?

This is important for a couple of reasons. First, the larger a space the more time a tile installation will take. Second, there are décor tricks to help make small spaces seem larger. We recommend using light colors larger tiles.


Who uses it?

This is a big one. If this is a guest bathroom that won’t see much use, you can spring for flooring or wall tile that is slightly more high-maintenance. If this is the bathroom that your whole family uses every day, we recommend trying to stick with materials that are hard wearing and easy to clean.


Don’t Underestimate Grout Color

A light grout shows dirt much faster than a dark grout. If you are looking for small things that can help minimize your cleaning tasks, we suggest sticking with a darker grout. If you don’t want something too dark, a medium tan or gray is a nice compromise.


Look Beyond Natural Stone Tile

Stone tile is great option for the bathroom, but we also recommend luxury vinyl tiles or vinyl planks. Often these vinyl options are completely waterproof and very easy to install. You can use them on the floor, wall and even in the shower. They also come in a range of colors and styles that imitate natural flooring materials. LVT can look like ceramic, slate or marble tile, while vinyl planks can pass easily as hardwood flooring. Since installing real hardwood in a moisture-filled area like the bathroom is a dangerous idea, vinyl plank is a great alternative.


Interested in a bathroom remodel in your Greater Austin Area area home? Give your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International® of Austin a call today!


Photo Credit: Iriana Shiyan