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Beautiful and timeless, hardwood has been a staple flooring material in the Greater Austin Area area and across the country for decades. It offers both durability and elegance to a wide range of residential and commercial spaces. But what if its benefits could be increased even further? At Floor Coverings International® of Austin we often suggest wide-plank hardwood to customers. This style has become more popular in recent years and it offers a range of benefits that hardwood lovers especially appreciate.


Extended Beauty

When you choose a hardwood plank that is the traditional width or thinner, the planks don’t have a lot of space to show of the beauty of the hardwood’s grain. Each plank might show a distinct section of the grain, but it’s quickly cut off by the plank’s narrow size. A wider plank is able to show off a much larger portion of your wood’s grain, displaying impressive patterns and color variations.


Smooth Surfaces

Wider planks also mean fewer seams between planks. Many homeowners like the way this feels underfoot. It creates a smoother surface with fewer places for edges to appear overtime.


Rustic Appeal

The larger portion of grain that’s shown on wide hardwood planks creates a rustic feel that’s very popular in current décor. Whether you’re designing an old world den or an industrial kitchen, wide hardwood planks add an element of rustic beauty to the space, and create a cozy, inviting atmosphere that will help welcome guests into your home.


Statement Style

One of the things our customers love most about wide plank hardwood here at Floor Coverings International® of Austin is the unique beauty they add to their home. We’ve talked about the way wide planks extend a wood’s grain, and about how this results in a rustic charm that adds character to your home. Your floor’s unique look will certainly make an impression on family and friends. This is especially true if you choose a wood with a standout grain like alder, hickory and oak.


Photo Credit: photobank.ch