living room area rugArea rugs offer a smart and elegant way to update the floors in your Greater Austin Area area home. But how do you choose the right style for your space? There are so many options out there to choose from: modern, geometric rugs with bold prints, classic oriental rugs and soft, plush white rugs perfect for curling up on top of. Our experts at Floor Coverings International® of Austin have a few important do’s and don’ts for choosing the right area rug for your space:


DON’T be afraid to spend the money on a rug that’s big enough for your space.

If a rug is too small it will make a room feel cramped and unbalanced. We understand that area rugs can be a large investment, but we promise that it will be worth it when you see the finished result!


DO consider your existing décor.

Does you space have simple colors and a minimalist design? Or, is it full of prints and eclectic art? These are important questions to ask. If your space already has a lot going on, a rug with a solid color can bring a bit of balance to everything. If the room is lacking in prints or eye-catching pieces, try a bold pattern or bright design to refresh your room’s décor.


DO put area rugs in high traffic areas.

One of the best benefits of area rugs is that they help to protect your floors from daily wear and tear. Here at Floor Coverings International® of Austin, we often recommend area rugs for rooms with hardwood floors or stone tile that is vulnerable to surface scratches.


DON’T place your rug flush with a wall.

There should always be space between your rug and the wall. The amount of space design experts recommend varies, but we think that at least six inches is a good way to go.


DO invest in a rug for cold rooms.

A plush area rug is a great addition to rooms with cold or hard flooring. It will feel great underfoot, and it can even help keep heat in your home by providing a little extra insulation.


Good luck with your area rug shopping!


Photo Credit: Iriana Shiyan