nylon carpet

When Greater Austin Area area homeowners choose to install carpet, many opt for nylon. This synthetic carpet material is one of the most durable and trusted options on the market. At Floor Coverings International® of Austin, we often recommend nylon carpet for both residential and commercial spaces, especially for high traffic areas. Read on to learn all you need to know about this quality carpeting option.


A Little Carpet History


Nylon was invented in the 1930s as an affordable alternative to silk. It didn’t take long for this textile to be manufactured as a flooring material. Its durability and affordable price quickly made it a go-to choice for homeowners and business owners alike. Today, nylon carpets make up more than half of the carpets in residential spaces.


Pros of Nylon Carpet


Availability: Thanks to its huge popularity, nylon carpets are available in virtually any color and design. If you want an unusual texture or color, nylon is a smart option to choose.

Durability: Nylon is a very elastic material. This means that even if you install it in a high traffic area, it won’t become matted or pushed down quickly like some carpet materials.

Resilient: Carpets are known for becoming dented after heavy furniture sits on the floor for an extended period of time. Nylon is much better than most materials at resuming its original shape after a piece of furniture is moved.

Long lasting: Nylon responds very well to professional cleaning treatments. If you have your carpet steamed once every year or two it will last for a long while.

Cost: Nylon carpets are affordable compared to natural materials like wool.


Cons of Nylon Carpet


Off-Gas: Like most synthetic materials, nylon will off-gas when it is first installed. Some people prefer to choose a natural material to avoid this. The slight smell should only last for a few days.

Pilling: Some types of nylon carpet may pill or be prone to static. This is more common of lower quality nylon. Be sure to do your research into a certain brand or manufacturer before choosing a style for your home.


Want to learn more about this durable carpet option? Contact us today at Floor Coverings International® of Austin! We offer a huge range of styles from top manufacturers.


Photo Credit: Ekaterina Lin