Kid friendly flooring in AustinKids are amazing, fun, and definitely make life more interesting. They can also make a mess and leave your floors stained, nicked, and scratched. While you have kids at home, you should choose floors that you won’t cry over if they get damaged. You should also choose materials that are resilient and easy to clean. Luckily, Floor Coverings International® of Austin can help with just that! Here are 3 kid-friendly flooring picks for your home in Austin:

Mid-Grade, Stain-Resistant Carpet

Kids love to play on a soft carpet, so get one that’s easy to clean yet isn’t too much of an investment. Going for a mid-grade carpet that’s known for its stain resistance factor would be wise. Nylon and Triexta fiber carpets from reputable brands are often given extra stain and water-resisting power, which makes them great surfaces for imaginative play. You should also be able to clean up juice spills and crushed food easily without fearing any stains being left behind. Going for a carpet that’s of lower quality will save you more money initially, but they’re often not as resistant to stains and moisture.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl has a tough urethane wear layer that resists scratches and stains while also being waterproof. Pairing this floor with an area rug can be the perfect medium between buying an expensive carpet and having a floor that can handle all the accidents that kids make. Luxury vinyl also has a degree of give and flexibility, meaning that falls or impacts won’t be as hard compared to falling on hardwoods, engineered wood, or stone floors.

Rubber Flooring

Playrooms can get chaotic, but if you install a rubber floor, you won’t have to worry so much about hard falls. Rubber is an extremely resilient floor that is commonly seen in gyms and indoor playgrounds. You can find this flooring in many attractive patterns. In fact, you can find rubber floors that are patterned to look like wood!

Our Floor Coverings International® of Austin experts can give you more personalized flooring suggestions when you schedule a free consultation, so call today! We are proud to serve homeowners in the greater Austin area.

Photo Credit: Andrey Kuzmin