In recent decades wood, tile and stone have surged in popularity as top flooring choices. However, there will always be a market for homeowners who prefer the warm, inviting quality of carpet. Consider the following carpet trends for 2017 and beyond from our experts at Floor Coverings International® of Austin:

Style Plus Performance

Today’s discerning homeowner isn’t willing to sacrifice style for performance. The good news is there are carpet choices that embody both. Look for carpet with stain guard and moisture barrier carpet pads to help ensure your carpet has a long and happy life.2017 carpet trends austin, patterned carpet

Balanced Neutrals

This carpet trend reflects homeowner interest in warm grays, ivory, taupe and light earth tones for stone, tile and vinyl options. Carpets in balanced neutral tones allow for endless design possibilities and can serve as a “blank canvas” for just about any style or furniture type; however, these color tones also emanate a style all their own.

Bright and Bold

While neutral is trending right now, so is the opposite end of the spectrum. Bright, bold carpet colors and patterns make the carpet the focal point and statement piece of the room. Think orange, yellow, purple – and combinations of these. Pair bold carpet choices with neutral furnishings for a compelling counterpoint.

Soft and Ribbed Textures

Most people buy carpet to bring a softer, more inviting quality to their home, and soft carpet textures are meeting this need. Carpet with a slight ribbed look and feel is also on trend this year.

Frieze Carpet

The frieze carpet style refers to a twisted fiber design that causes the carpet to look wavy or curly. This is a new carpet look that’s gaining momentum in 2017 and offers a compelling alternative to traditional styles.

Cut Pile and Loop Combination

While cut pile and looped carpet have been two distinct carpet types for decades, the current trend is toward designs that incorporate both. This combination was a trend in the 1970s, but the current resurgence has a decidedly 21st century vibe.
textured grey carpet 2017 carpet trends austin

Eco-Friendly Carpet

Carpet made from recycled materials and “green” processes are also continuing to trend. Eco-friendly consumers are favoring natural fibers like wool, jute and sisal, but they are also taking care to check the manufacturer process and materials on synthetic options. “PET” Berber is one example; it is made of recycled plastic bottles.

Carpet Tile

Interest in carpet tile versus carpet from rolls is surging for 2017 as well. Home owners love them because if one tile gets stained or damaged, it can be easily replaced. Carpet tiles also open up numerous design options including creating a pattern out of different carpet styles and textures.

While recent trends have drawn homeowners to wood, stone and tile, carpet will never go out of style. If you’re redoing your flooring this year, consider these trending carpet ideas for 2017. Contact Floor Coverings International® of Austin to learn about our excellent selection and schedule a free consultation!

Photo Credit: GoodMood Photos