Give more info about caring for the floor--would be great to receive a complimentary bottle of cleaner just to know what I need to buy. Also, tell people that they are buying not only the floor and labor but 10% extra flooring for "insurance" in case something happens in the future. The packages of flooring are large and plans for storage need to be made in advance. Was a surprise to find them a week after the job under a bed. I appreciated the expertise of the man who laid the flooring. He did an excellent job. Phone friendliness could be improved. It felt condescending to be thanked for "being reasonable" as I don't think I have a history of being otherwise. I do not need the $50 refund but would appreciate receiving the brochure on maintaining the floor.
Beverly Voss
FCI Austin was responsive and quick to take action on a time sensitive project. Others were not capable of what FCI was and I am very thankful for their professionalism and ability to meet and exceed expectations. I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat.
Rick Price
Seth was very knowledgeable of wood floors, and helped us decide which would be the best choice for our kitchen. We are very pleased with the results. Seth is also very personable which is what you want to see in a representative. I didn't feel like FCI tried to gouge us either--we felt the cost was reasonable. Just as a friend referred me to FCI, I will be doing the same!
Robin Arnold
Sales person and contractor did not communicate properly. Most of the time I had to initiate communication with both parties.
Manuel Alvarez
Great experience with the service, material, and willingness to make sure the customer is satisfied!! I highly recommend this company for all your flooring needs!!!
Jordan Zafer
The personal service and the determination to have the job totally complete with all parties satisfied BEFORE asking for final payment.
Sylvia Smith
Give honest feedback about the time it takes to install and provide more transparency in pricing.
Jessica Morse
Very professional, clean, & excellent work.
Holly Jackson
The product quality is outstanding, and I appreciated being able to see the samples in the space to know that the colors matched how we wanted.
Sarah Murphy
Your installers were beyond sloppy and contributed to causing a major fire in my home. Damages were $40,000 plus, great trauma for me and family, permanent losses. Sales guys seem great and you may like the products they sell, but installers will destroy your home.
Mary Bashara